Company Structure

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About The Directors

Vincent Rariewa

Vincent is responsible for product design, marketing, client relationship management, portfolio management, strategy execution in co-ordination with the board of directors and overall corporate affairs. He started Next Technologies Ltd as Managing Director 2005, a position he holds to date. During the Ten year service with NTL, he spent five years building the homegrown company before expanding to Uganda. The business model he brings on board is not only limited to the two countries but in Tanzania, Rwanda and Malawi.
His professional career has included assignments with governmental, non-governmental and international organizations in different parts of Africa. He’s worked both at grassroots level as well as at the highest levels of the corporate world to address the interface between attaining low level integration solutions to major turn-key solutions for large organizations.
He is a certified Project Manager.

Anne Njuguna

Anne is a Multi-channel marketing expert, trusted company advisor and IT portfolio Manager who generates long-term constituent values using proven marketing and engagement strategies. Anne has over fifteen years of experience in direct response marketing based on strategy lead by research and analytics.
Channels of expertise include applications, public sector solutions and IT marketing strategies. She earns a deep respect as a trusted advisor from clients and colleagues.
Anne secures and manages development through annual fund, major good-will and events. Her warm goofy sense of humor balances with her sophistication that quickly commands a deep respect as a trusted expert from clients and colleagues. To her, work is fun…like the smell of Bubblegum.
She is a certified Project Manager.

The value of a well planned and organized Company Structure cannot emphasized enough. It is from here that all the operations of the businesses are formed and coordinated and therefore it is of crucial importance that every stakeholder has their key roles well defined and structured in a professional manner. Here at NEXT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, we have made sure that our organizational structure promotes a good relationship and communication between all staff members and that everyone is comfortable with the duties assigned to them. This helps minimize confusion as everyone knows their exact roles and the expectations required from them.

The functions of the Systems department is to Implement, Install and Support organization information technology systems including wide area networks (WANs), Global WANS as per product portfolio which includes and not limited to:

  1. Security
  2. Virtualization
  3. Application and collaboration Management
  4. Data Archiving & Business continuity
  5. Next Generation data centres

The technical department is responsible for the following roles:

  1. Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks including Local Area Networks (LANS)
  2. Performing local and remote testing on equipment, including running computer programs to diagnose faults.
  3. Equipment repair and Maintenance, builds cables, and replaces boards and components to identify or remedy failures.
  4. Handling inventories spare parts, including stripping surplus equipment for usable parts and warranty
  5. Analyze user needs and recommend appropriate hardware.
  6. Specify power supply requirements and configuration, drawing on system performance expectations and design specifications

The Applications Engineer  department carries out the role of Solutions Advisor, Implementation, Configuration and troubleshooting, management and project planning, and execution of Software applications: i.e

  1. SAN SMB Enterprise,
  2. Virtualization Server Desktop Apps,
  3. Orchestration & Automation,
  4. Applications ERP & Business Apps,
  5. Applications Cloud & SAAS

Helpdesk support is responsible for responding to client needs and providing them with the appropriate feedback. The tasks they handle are:

  1. Respond to clients requests for technical assistance in person, via phone,
  2. electronically
  3. Advise user on appropriate action
  4. Redirect problems to correct resource
  5. Track and route problems and requests and document resolutions\
  6. Track SLAs and reports
  7. Customer feedback or propel SLAs implementation

Logistics department gets information of the resources required to implement and maintain solutions offered by us. They check and define product deliverables and also offer support and logistics functions.

The Sales and marketing department is responsible for:

  1. Setting marketing strategies in line with overall Company objectives.
  2. Market research, Product Development, plan campaigns and develop communications material to promote products, Sales Support and Events
  3. Customer Account Management
  4. Solution building and ICT Road Maps
  5. Responding to RFQ/RFP

The Accounts Department is responsible for handling:

  1. Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  2. Customer credit and debt analysis

The Human Resource department handles Staff and management training, staff administration and maintaining and improving the working environment.